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Images that come alive

Be different.
Add motion, sound and interactivity to your images

Augmented reality
for everyone

The easiest way to add life to your products

1. Choose an image

This will be the trigger image. You can upload an image from your device or choose a frame from a video.

2. Make it into an emotion

You choose what content you want to embed: video, audio or interactive buttons.

3. Scan with the app

Download and open the iOS or Android emotionsAR app, hover the phone over the printed image and enjoy the magic!

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See how it works

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Download the app and say goodbye to ugly QR codes forever.
Scan the image with the app and enjoy!

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Sound, motion and interactivity

Scan each trigger image with the app.


Add songs or audio snippets to your images.


Share parts of memorable videos or viral adverts.


Make communication more engaging and more innovative.

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Emotions are

This is why emotionsAR is the best option.


2 mins: upload image, add content and set time/views.


3 steps only: 1. image, 2. content,  3. time/views. Done!


For less than 1€ you can make your products magical.


Change the image content whenever and without limits.


You control the content, how long and how many times.


Unlimited number of images as long as they are different.

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Just what you need

Choose the solution that best fits your needs


Free 7 day trial period

Low monthly subscription fee

50% Discount first year

Easy self-management

Free use of our app

High scalability

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Add videos to your photos and print them to make them come alive with the free emotionsar app

Add video or audio to your photos, print and scan to watch them come alive.

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Customized solution


Experts assistance

Your own app

Your API integration

Highly scalable

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