Customer Journey and Augmented Reality. Snapcards Case of Use

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Customer experience Augmented Reality

The customer experience (CX) is the product of an interaction between an organization and a customer over the duration of their relationship. This interaction is made up of three parts:

  • the customer journey,
  • the brand touchpoints the customer interacts with,
  • and the environments the customer experiences (including digital environment) during their experience.

A positive customer journey means that the individual’s experience during all points of contact matches the individual’s expectations.

One of the most useful tools a marketer can use is the Customer Journey, from the point of view of marketing, the customer journey refers to all points of contact (touchpoints ) of a consumer with a brand , a product or a service. These include not only the direct points of interaction between customers and organizations (advertisement, commercial, website, etc.), but also the indirect contact points, where the opinion of third parties about a brand, a product or a service is obtained (rating portals, user forum,Blog , etc.).

Customers are increasingly finding out about these indirect contact points, which can not be directly influenced by companies. An in-depth understanding of the entire customer journey (including direct and indirect contact points) is a prerequisite for customer-oriented marketing and sales orientation. The customer journey is particularly interesting in online marketing and digital channels, as it is possible to accurately map consumer behavior using tracking technologies.

How can Augmented Reality with all the Smart technologies that we manage here at emotions AR improve the customer experience?

In the classical marketing model, marketing is deemed to a funnel: at the beginning of the process (in the “awareness” stage) there are many branches competing for the attention of the customer, and this number is reduced through the different purchasing stages. Marketing is an action of “pushing” the brand through a few touch points (for example through TV ads).

In the digital era, there are many more touch points: digital media channels (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.) and other Internet platforms, such as forums, blogs, etc, Augmented Reality is just one of these. Empowered digital customers will access extra relevant content and experiences insight through AR.

Augmented Reality Customer experience Touchpoints will occur depending on some factors: Retail environment (Bricks and Mortar), Online Retail environment (e-commerce) and sales stages. There are three main stages within the buyer’s journey:

  • Before the buying decision is taken (Awareness, Consideration and Evaluation)
  • During the Buying process (Access and Purchase)
  • After the Purchase (Use and Customer Service)

At any of these touchpoints AR and all our Smart Visual technologies can Help customers and Brands to enhance their experience.

Let’s take as an example of the emotions AR Snapcards Product.

How we can elevate the final stage of the customer journey to the level of customer delight and super customer loyalty?

emotions SNAPCARD Case

The Product

  • SnapCard is a Beautifully design Card which contains a hiden secret message.
  • The Messagecan only ne unlocked by using a secret code and the emotions AR app.

The Process

  • After searching for the best gift for your wife for her birthday, you buy a pair of gourgeous shoes
  • You want to have a more positive impact this year, lucky you the retailer gives you a Snapcard
  • You use this to record a great secret Message
  • Having followed the instructions you have placed the private message inside the magic card (Snapcard)

The Delivery

  • Your wife receives the Shoes and the Snapcard
  • Your wife downloads the app
  • The message is revealed to the surprise and delight of your wife

The Benefits for the Brand

  • Create an outstanding customer experience and build engagement around your brand. 
  • Close the customer’s journey and builds superior brand loyalty.
  • engagement and User Generation Content creation
  • Convert strangers into potential customers with customizable Calls to Action.
  • Sending in-app notifications to convert potentials into customers.
  • Tracking recognitions and convertions to measure the ROI of your campaigns.
  • Generating aggregated Data to analyse and improve your marketing campaigns.
  • create brand awareness adding video ads at the end of every personal video messages

A long time ago someone told me that marketing had taken all the credit but in fact sales is the real challenge. Marketing is a Science and Sales is a Skill, close to an art form. The solution is to combine science and art, deeply undertanding the Customer  journey will reveal all the power of AR for Marketing and sales. Keep in contact with and we will reveal more tips for a succesful marketing with Smart Visuals.

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