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Customer Engagement 

with Augmented Reality

Customer engagement is the 21st century metric of marketing efficiency and effectiveness that extends beyond mere satisfaction*. 


emotions AR offers the best software as a service for customer engagement using the device's camera to show augmented reality content for fun and wow experiences (Videos, 3D objects and games). emotions AR delivers measurable and real time ROI by enhancing the volume and the quality of customer engagement, resulting in amazing key metrics improvements as downloads, customer registration, visit growth , visit depth, visit recency, visit frequency, daily active users, monthly active users, churn rate, stickiness rate and engagement rate.

* 60% to 80% of customers who defect to a competitor said they were satisfied on the survey just prior to their defection. (Source: Harvard Business Review)

Delivering Impact









Average KPI's since July 2019  for our customers with SDK integrated

Our main services

01 / The Studio

The Studio is our seamless & Intuitive AR Platform for customer engagement. 


Publish and Measure AR campaigns in real time


Business Accounts: For those that already have an app. Just integrate our free AR camera (SDK) and overlay videos, interactivity and games on the real world. Add augmented reality seamless and without further app compilations.


Factory Accounts: If you still don't have your own app, check our Factory suscription accounts for a custom skinned app.

02 / The Factory

Our team of engineers are committed to add features into our SDK and Studio.


We keep on the edge our powerful AR platform. With a seamless integration, the AR camera is ready to play in no time flat.

We have 8 years of experience in the field of AR. We can answer any need or question you may have.

03 / The Agency

The Agency is dedicated to customer success. We provide services to make any campaign a success. With our experience with our clients, we're ready to help through all the stages of any AR experience:


  1. Creativity

  2. Design

  3. Development

  4. Publishing

  5. Measurement


Something About Us


Incorporated in 2013, emotions AR is one of the pioneers in the AR arena. Winners of the Telefonica Open Future WAYRA week 2014, during that same year Telefonica of Spain became shareholder and member of the board of directors. At the end of 2017 came the company's main transformation, specializing in marketing and Customer Experience CX with Augmented Reality Since then, we haven´t stopped growing. Join us and let's make history together.


Customer Engagement is the ultimate battle for brand marketing. All brands are in the business of CX. Awareness, engagement and loyalty are the key elements to keep your brand relevant and vital. A new generation of empowered customers look to engage with the brands, beyond the product itself. emotions AR is the world's most powerful and scalable SaaS for Customer Experience. Ask for a Demo and let's play .

Made in Barcelona for the world. Our team of engineers, designers and creative gurus are here ready to deliver the best for your brand. A powerful and proven SDK for iOS an Android plus a reliable web service makes us the best team to build a powerful custom experience anywhere, anytime.

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