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 Augmented Reality Agency

The possibilities are unlimited. Our team of professionals will take your campaigns to the next level.

The Agency leverages all of our expertise and can get working for you with:

  1. Creativity

  2. Design (Video & 3D)

  3. Development (UX, UI, iOS, Android, Ruby, HTML, Java)

  4. Publishing

  5. Measurement & KPI's

Looking to create an APP?

In IOS or Android?

Our “custom branded app” enables your company to get your AR campaigns into your customers hands quickly with minimum of fuss.

No, it´s not expensive. You can get your AR campaigns started for a small monthly fee.

You are in charge. You can choose the options that fit your campaign best, such as News, Products, Promos, and, and features like overlays, snaps and scratch to delights¡ your customers through AR gamification

All content can be updated using our SaaS administration panel. 

I'm in. I want to know more

Game Components


Overlay digital Content >


Private Greeting Cards >


Scratch & Win Game >

More gamification ideas you can integrate in your campaigns


A 3D Pet Game >

Master Quiz

Compete and Learn >

Escape Room

Clues to Escape >

Geo Hunt

Feel like a Hunter >

Clue Seeker

Treasure Hunt >

Bespoke AR

Something New >

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