The Studio

 AR development platform

"The Studio" our AR development platform helps you to publish and measure your AR campaigns in real-time. Revitalise your creativity and accelerate the development of incredible AR games and experiences.


If you have your own app you can quickly integrate the AR camera, overlay videos, interactivity and games.  If you don't have an app we can supply you with one.


No matter the size of your company with our world-class customer engagement platform, you can build now the most amazing gamified experiences ever.


"Augmented Reality" to suite any level of complexity.



Video and 3D overlay, AR Hidden messages and different types of games.


Our Software is continuously 
upgraded with new features


With the Studio, you can craft and customise scalable AR games for your marketing campaigns with the latest, coolest technology available.


Our game components can be updated for unlimited possibilities


Our analytics lets you see how your customers are engaging with your campaign, helping you extract as much value as possible.


Measure and monitor your campaigns in real time



With more than 8 years of expertise in the Augmented Reality for marketing, our team can help you with the best option for every case.


Expert technical, design and customer support




We can answer any question no matter how big or small
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Game Components


Overlay digital Content >


Connect real-world images with overlaid digital content like video,  audio, 3D, interactive banners and buttons. Add a layer of digital information to almost anything.


Private Greeting Cards >


Hide unlimited private video messages into an image with a key code. Create all kind of
greeting cards for gifts.


Scratch & Win Game >


Our scratch and win game that uses Augmented Reality, instantaneous and addictive! One of the best hit games for customer engagement. more


The following non-standard game components listed below can also be integrated into your campaigns at additional cost. 


A 3D Pet Game >


A 3D pet growing game for families with kids using Augmented Reality. Do you remember Tamagotchi?

Master Quiz

Compete and Learn >


A Battery of Augmented Reality quizzes for competing and learning for anyone up to a challenge.

Master Quiz
Escape Room

Clues to Escape >

Image by Dustin Tramel

In-app Augmented Reality Challenges, Riddles, Puzzles and clues to escape from dangerous situations. Fun for all using scalable mobile technology.

Escape Room
Geo Hunt

Feel like a Hunter >


Feel like a hunter? Stand and walk around to find geolocated rewards on a map, viewable through our AR Camera. Walk and Hunt prizes and if you are lucky - rewards! more

Geo Hunt
Clue Seeker

Treasure Hunt >


A custom app game
with geolocated checkpoints for treasure hunts. Your customers can play games around your store and feel who you are as a brand like never before.

Clue Seeker
Bespoke AR

Something New >


Do you want a bespoke AR Game? Our Expert AR team can help you create something new. Contact Us

Bespoke AR
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