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Who trusts us



“Eroski chose the emotions AR platform to activate customer engagement in the mobile channel. It worked beyond any expectations, making a very significative impact in-app downloads, customer registration, in-app engagement and churn rates”

Eroski is one of the most important retailers in Spain with more than 1,000 stores and is the founding partner of the Spanish air miles loyalty program.


Eroski has a special focus on family + kids target. Spanish families have changed in the last few years, are smaller, wealthier and highly digitally empowered.

Eroski have been promoting and rewarding customer loyalty since 1996. The Eroski loyalty program is a traditional static reward loyalty scheme with points per purchase. In 2019 Eroski integrated emotions AR SDK into their app to add innovative AR engagement experiences. With this new feature all the departments now use AR by publishing content and especially interactive games with our Game Room suite of highly engaging games. 


Eroski most used game is “Scratch and Win”, a simple and highly effective game where users win instant variable rewards hidden in tickets, loyalty cards and products. “Scratch and Win is a digital AR raffle published online in real time following a simple step by step process. Eroski published a first ”Scratch and Win” April 2019 with these conditions:  1 opportunity of  winning a reward of extra airmiles per every 20 € of purchase. Extra airmiles ranged from 100 to 15,000  airmiles, and 5,000,000 airmiles were issued.

The digital AR “Scratch ands win” was published in 4 weeks.



“LVMH looked for a new connection with the Millenial generation through a fun, social and innovative game. The result couldn’t be more surprising. Customer engagement, Brand awareness, customer satisfaction and revenue”

LVMH is without a shadow of a doubt the name of luxury. LVMH “maisons” represents the most exclusive and curated products in the world.


LVMH has been relevant for many generations. Young millennials are a new challenge.


Millennials are already present in the market and represent the generation with the biggest  purchasing power in history at their age.

LVMH used emotions AR to organize the launch of the LVMH Madrid Guide. The challenge was to organize a game with geo-located checkpoints. A game inspired in a combination of “Pokemon Go” + “Jumanji”. The participants in the game, in pairs, had to solve mystery questions about the brand in different locations.

emotions AR created the game, designed the quests, developed an ephemeral app and measured the action. LVMH contacted Telva, a Spanish fashion magazine, and posted in Facebook to attract participants to the game. The rest is history.

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